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Income supported farming: The economic behaviour of farmer households

Income supported farming means that the farmer household covers low returns from their farming with other sources of income. This is in particular relevant for part-time farmers. This group grow in numbers relative to full-time farmers all over Europe. The decisions of income supporting farmer...

Awarded: NOK 4.5 mill.

Project Period: 2006-2009

Location: Oslo

SIP-LMD-SIP finansiert av Landbruksog matdepartementet

Risk exposure and risk management in food production - Comparing aqua- and agriculture

While Norwegian fish farming is a relatively new, fast growing export industry strongly dependent on trade, Norwegian agriculture is oriented towards a limited domestic markets, with increasing foreign competition. While both industries are subject to spe cial types of risks as biological product...

Awarded: NOK 9.0 mill.

Project Period: 2003-2008

Location: Oslo