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HAVBRUKS-Havbruk - en næring i vekst

FEEDTAG - A telemetry system for quantification of individual feeding behaviour for improved feed utilization in intensive fish cultures

A low feed conversion ratio (FCR) is a very important criteria in salmon farming management, both economically and environmentally. Key information needed to achieve low FCR is the feeding rate of the fish. Too much feed (feed/min and feed/day) increases feed loss. Reduced feeding may decrease ...

Awarded: NOK 3.0 mill.

Project Period: 2005-2010

Location: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

SFF-Sentre for fremragende forskn

Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures, CeSOS/Senter for skips- og havkonstruksjoner


Awarded: NOK 130.0 mill.

Project Period: 2002-2013

Location: Trøndelag - Trööndelage