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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

UNCHARTED: Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture

...in political circles under the exclusive lens <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> the economy <strong>and</strong> its contribution to it....proved unable to oppose an alternative vision <strong>and</strong> generate other evaluation systems that could...in public discourse, to the persuasive evidence <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> monetary measures. Time <strong>and</strong> again, purely...

Awarded: NOK 59,999

Project Period: 2019-2019

Location: Vestfold og Telemark

SAMRISK-2-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiko

CoPol: Covid-19 contact tracing as Digital Politics

...locus around which societies re-organise <strong>and</strong> mobilise. Although great uncertainty persists,...important roles in public health, politics <strong>and</strong> everyday life. How does such widespread use <strong><strong>of</strong></strong>...this project will focus on collection <strong>and</strong> use <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> data through contact tracing, and the ways in...

Awarded: NOK 12.0 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2025

Location: Vestland


CONFIDENCE: COping with uNcertainties For Improved modelling and DEcision making in Nuclear emergenCiEs - NMBU

...nuclear emergency management <strong>and</strong> long-term rehabilitation, dealing with...the current situation, or predicted evolution <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> the situation, is an intrinsic problem for...incomplete information on the source term <strong>and</strong> the prevailing weather can result in dose...

Awarded: NOK 2.6 mill.

Project Period: 2019-2019

Location: Viken

HUM-Fagkomiteen for humaniora

Norwegian Missionaries. Practice and Representation in the Formation of "Self" and "Other"

...aim <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> this project is to explore cultural <strong>and</strong> social...they worked. Much research done in the field <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> colonialism <strong>and</strong> post-colonialism mainly focus...the way the encounter between missionaries <strong>and</strong> local people also had a deep impact on the No...

Awarded: NOK 4.0 mill.

Project Period: 2006-2008

Location: Ukjent Fylke

IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

OPTIMAL: The OPTimized e-care model for Individuals with Multi-morbidity And Long-term needs

...most costly patients consume approximately 2/3 <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> all healthcare resources. This group is made up...multiple care providers, organizations <strong>and</strong> specialties, over long periods <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> time. The...area. Although CCM underlines the importance <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> use of ICT-tools, most CCM projects have...

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

Project Period: 2015-2016

Location: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku

PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Educating European researchers within medicine therapy optimisation (MTO) - The iMprOve project

...the future generation together in an <strong>interdisciplinary</strong> environment in newly developed patient...healthcare culture, where different health pr<strong><strong>of</strong></strong>essionals networks connect with each others to...medication therapy optimisation <strong>and</strong> continuity <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> care through a clinical pharmacy network...

Awarded: NOK 59,999

Project Period: 2018-2019

Location: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku

RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer

Designing information measures to promote environmentally sound energy consumption: An interdisciplinary approach

...project has two work packages, one theoretical <strong>and</strong> one empirical. In the first work package (WP...disciplines on how behavior can be influenced, <strong>and</strong> conduct experimental <strong>studies</strong> on information...how information measures could be designed <strong>and</strong> used most effectively by looking at both the...

Awarded: NOK 1.9 mill.

Project Period: 2006-2008

Location: Oslo

SAMKUL-Samfunnsutviklingens kulturell

From racial typology to DNA sequencing : Race and ethnicity and the science of human genetic variation 1945-2012

...research has become "big science", <strong>and</strong> are, among other things, producing a rapidly...about genetic variation between racially <strong>and</strong> ethnically defined human populations. This...some intertwined historical, epistemo logical <strong>and</strong> <strong>ethical</strong> questions, which the project will...

Awarded: NOK 8.1 mill.

Project Period: 2013-2018

Location: Oslo

MILJØFORSK-Miljøforskning for en grønn samfunnsomstilling

VALUECHANGE: Valuation of Cultural and Environmental Goods for Integrated Assessment and Decision-making: From Promise to Practice

...<strong>interdisciplinary</strong> project aims to assess, value <strong>and</strong>...in cost-benefit analysis, impact assessments <strong>and</strong> spatial planning is essential for better...Through two national valuation <strong>studies</strong>, with place-specific cases, the project will...

Awarded: NOK 9.6 mill.

Project Period: 2018-2022

Location: Oslo

PSYKISK-Psykisk helse

Anxiety disorders in children- association with neurodevelopmental delay/disorder and temperament/personality. A clinical case-control study

...disorders (AD's) in childhood are common <strong>and</strong> may cause great suffering.Childhood AD's may... to a complex interaction between biological <strong>and</strong> environmental factors.This study will examine...<strong>and</strong> 2.Temperament/pe rsonality.To date a few <strong>studies</strong> have consistently found that motor...

Awarded: NOK 5.4 mill.

Project Period: 2007-2010

Location: Oslo

ELSA-Etiske,rettslige og samf.m. as

The moral status of human embryos with special regard to stem cell research and therapy

...from biology, medicine, philosophy <strong>and</strong> theology. The background for the project are...going on within the fields <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> basic <strong>and</strong> clinical research on and clinical use of human...possibilities have lead to an intensive <strong>ethical</strong> debate in many countries, especially in...

Awarded: NOK 2.7 mill.

Project Period: 2005-2010

Location: Oslo

MSCA-TOPP-UT-Toppfinansiering av MSCA utgående kandidater

Toppfinansiering: Political Dynamics of Slow-Onset Disasters - Contrasting Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Ebola Responses

...differ markedly in their speed <strong>and</strong> pattern <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> manifestation, which in turn...researchers as well as authorities interpret <strong>and</strong> respond to them. While theoretical innovations...almost exclusively been developed for the study <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> large rapid-onset disasters, disaster...

Awarded: NOK 0.76 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2022

Location: Ukjent Fylke

PROFESJON-Forskningskompetanse for utvalgte profesjonsutdanninger

PROFRES 2.0: The Interdisciplinary, Interprofessional and Practice-Near Research School - Shaping Future Welfare

...PR<strong><strong>OF</strong></strong>RES 2.0 is a national research school profoundly...practice-near research problems in the fields <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> health, welfare <strong>and</strong> education. Through eight...markets. This includes new emphases on interpr<strong><strong>of</strong></strong>essionalism <strong>and</strong> the need for innovation and...PR<strong><strong>OF</strong></strong>RES 2.0 er en nasjonal forskerskole for...

Awarded: NOK 16.0 mill.

Project Period: 2022-2030

Location: Rogaland

BEHANDLING-God og treffsikker diagnostikk, behandling og rehabilitering

Defining stratification of patients with C3G/IC-MPGN complex mediated glomerular diseases for better diagnosis and tailored treatment

...represents a heterogenous group <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> rare kidney disorders classified into...complement-mediated C3 glomerulopathy (C3G) <strong>and</strong> immune-complex-mediated MPGN (IC-MPGN). These...untreatable at the moment despite a plethora <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> complement inhibitors developed by many...

Awarded: NOK 3.1 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2024

Location: Oslo


AI enriched journalism to investigate illicit financial flows

...the most fundamental <strong>ethical</strong> issue related to the functioning <strong><strong>of</strong></strong>...flows, or IFFs. IFFs are by nature hidden, <strong>and</strong> their disclosure depends to a large degree on...are not adequately suited to the complexity <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> the task. There is thus high dem<strong>and</strong> for new...

Awarded: NOK 1.4 mill.

Project Period: 2022-2025

Location: Oslo

PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Co-creation of value in Public service delivery

...project will develop conceptual underst<strong>and</strong>ings and empirical knowledge <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> value...services. The project will empirically explore <strong>and</strong> evaluate six approaches that potentially...<strong>and</strong> analyse the consequent individual and <strong>societal</strong> value. At the heart <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> this will be an...

Awarded: NOK 0.17 mill.

Project Period: 2016-2017

Location: Innlandet

PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Reforms and social innovations shaping care provisions in Europe

...our project, we will identify social reforms <strong>and</strong> social innovations undertaken within social...challenges such as growing need for care, dem<strong>and</strong> for more quality and individualised care,...constraints. We will undertake country case <strong>studies</strong> in 7 European countries <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> the reforms <strong>and</strong>...

Awarded: NOK 0.20 mill.

Project Period: 2014-2014

Location: Oslo

HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester

THE NOW WHAT-2 PROJECT: Rethinking return to work services for long-term sick listed employees

...to work (RTW) services are designed, organised, <strong>and</strong> delivered, but also by enabling employees on...RTW-process. In Norway, one in three aged 18 <strong>and</strong> 67 years is not working. The Norwegian Labour...last 3 years, with funding from the Directorate <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> Labour <strong>and</strong> Welfare, we have been challenging...

Awarded: NOK 10.8 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2024

Location: Oslo

IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

International Conference on Crowdfunding Research

...in crowdfunding. Here, despite immense growth <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> interest in the field <strong>and</strong> publication volumes...entrepreneurship, marketing, psychology <strong>and</strong> sociology researchers under one ro<strong><strong>of</strong></strong> to...conference will invite industry representatives <strong>and</strong> public policymakers to participate in panel...

Awarded: NOK 99,999

Project Period: 2022-2022

Location: Agder

SUP-NHD-Strategiske UoH-progr.fin.NHD

Materials for sensor and imaging applications

...objective <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> the SUP is to establish UiO as an...with respect to research <strong>and</strong> development <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> sensor and imaging materials for selected...project aims at integrating strong experimental <strong>and</strong> theoretical activities in chemistry, physics,...

Awarded: NOK 6.0 mill.

Project Period: 2006-2012

Location: Oslo

SAMKUL-Samfunnsutviklingens kulturell

Parenting cultures and risk management in plural Norway

...a result <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> ongoing global, economic, social, cultural <strong>and</strong>...along differentiations in access to resources <strong>and</strong> highlight the co-existence <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> different ideas...oriented towards white middle-class perceptions <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> the 'good parent'. With a comparative approach...

Awarded: NOK 8.7 mill.

Project Period: 2014-2018

Location: Vestland

VAM-Velferd, arbeid og migrasjon

Nordic models facing crisis: Implications for labour market adjustment and inclusion.

...project aims to compare the <strong>implications</strong> <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> the global crisis for workforce...models won praise for their ability to adapt <strong>and</strong> recover after the homemade crises <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> the...faced the Nordic models with a severe test <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> their capacity to cope with a massive external...

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

Project Period: 2009-2014

Location: Oslo

FINNUT-Forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren

Critical Examination of Race and Racism in Teacher Education (CERiTE)

...to democratic values in our society. The aim <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> CERiTE project is to develop research-based...education can contribute to the improvement <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> preservice teachers’ professional competence...society. This will be done by centering issues <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> race <strong>and</strong> racism in teacher education,...

Awarded: NOK 12.0 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2025

Location: Innlandet

KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

Climate implications of rapid changes in Asian Anthropogenic Aerosol emissions: Temperature, Hydrological cycle and variabilitY

...<strong><strong>of</strong></strong> Asian Anthropogenic Aerosols (A3) are rapidly...from India <strong>and</strong> China. The resulting range <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> climate impacts and <strong>societal</strong> hazards may...for the next several decades, but the <strong>implications</strong> are as yet insufficiently explored. CATHY...

Awarded: NOK 11.9 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2025

Location: Oslo

SAMKUL-Samfunnsutviklingens kulturell

Forms of Ethics, Shapes of Finance: Ethnographic Explorations of the Limits of Contemporary Capital

...past year has seen a range <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> efforts that appeal to 'the common good' or...to facilitate societies, futures, <strong>and</strong> worlds <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> particular kinds. These efforts echo and extend...which points to a broader articulation <strong>and</strong> inflection <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> economic and <strong>ethical</strong> concerns....

Awarded: NOK 9.0 mill.

Project Period: 2016-2022

Location: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

ICTED - Identification and Causes of recent Trends in European Drought

...hazard with widespread environmental <strong>and</strong> <strong>societal</strong> consequences, yet there is much...or severity in response to climate change. Part <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> this uncertainty is associated with the methods...research will meet this need by using a new <strong>and</strong> more robust drought index (the Standardised...

Awarded: NOK 52,999

Project Period: 2015-2015

Location: Oslo

VERDIKT-Kjernekomp.og verdiskaping IKT

Sensing Music-Related Actions

...<strong>interdisciplinary</strong> project, combining scientific,...three crucial topics for future development <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> multimodal media devices: 1) the importance of...couplings for both performance <strong>and</strong> perception <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> music, 2) the control potential of human bodily...

Awarded: NOK 6.4 mill.

Project Period: 2008-2013

Location: Oslo

SAMRISK-2-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiko

SAFE PARTICIPATION - crossdisciplinary collaboration between research, civil society,public and private security and industry fields

...is a research <strong>and</strong> practice collaboration <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> strategically...fields that are crucial to a wide range <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> defi nitions of <strong>and</strong> interests in <strong>societal</strong>...represent human rights <strong>and</strong> peace issues, all <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> them having Nordic and international...

Awarded: NOK 98,492

Project Period: 2013-2015

Location: Oslo

VAM-Velferd, arbeid og migrasjon

Diversity, Togetherness and a Society in Change

...the diversity society, belonging (a structure <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> attachment), citizenship (in an exp<strong>and</strong>ed sense,...contestation, conflict, a nd a sociology <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> movement, this project is intended as an...to maintain a shared theoretical development, <strong>and</strong> also explore - as a n integrated feature- the...

Awarded: NOK 6.2 mill.

Project Period: 2002-2011

Location: Vestland

NORRUSS-Nordområdene og Russland

4DARCTIC: Structure and Evolution of Arctic crust and mantle based on multi-scale geophysical studies

...aim to undertake an <strong>interdisciplinary</strong> collaborative project with Russian...that will unravel the structure <strong>and</strong> evolution <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> Arctic's crust and mantle and their inte...assemble, quality-check <strong>and</strong> compile a variety <strong><strong>of</strong></strong> geophysical data (potential field,...

Awarded: NOK 3.7 mill.

Project Period: 2012-2017

Location: Oslo