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P-SAMISK-Program for samisk forskning

Internasjonal seminar om etikk i samisk og urfolksforskning

...placed significant emphasis on decolonizing of research processes and on research ethics. Many...contexts. The main academic objective of the seminar is to bring together researchers...including experiences with the establishment of specifi c committees and guidelines. In parts...

Awarded: NOK 0.15 mill.

Project Period: 2006-2006

Location: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku


Philosophy of War Mobile researcher: Yuriy Loboda, Ukraine

...numerous philosophic fields of research like philosophy of law, language,...etc had emerged new discipline - philosophy of war. Though philosophers from Heraclitus to...were always inter ested in war and projects of eternal peace, military theory and history, the...

Awarded: NOK 0.32 mill.

Project Period: 2012-2013

Location: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

NANOMAT-Nanoteknologi og nye materialer

National network initiative in the area of HSE and ELSA aspects of nanomaterials: SafeNano Network (SNN)

...environment that promotes knowledge transfer and open discussion of ideas, challenges and...industry, the government, consumer groups and NGOs across Norway (wh ole ?value chain?...platform for a sustainable development of nanotechnology and promote implementation of new...

Awarded: NOK 0.14 mill.

Project Period: 2010-2011

Location: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

ENERGIX-Stort program energi


...descriptions for the two ongoing projects and the three proposed projects described in the...description - dated 12.1.2009). The vision of the Centre for Environmental Design of...instrument for addressing local environmental and societal challenges associated with renewable ...

Awarded: NOK 57.7 mill.

Project Period: 2009-2013

Location: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Thermally Managed Systems for Storage, Compression, and Supply of Hydrogen Gas

...is a safe and reliable method to compress hydrogen. The...compressor systems are overall pressure gain and throughput capac ity, both of which in case of...by the choice of metal hydride material and its properties. In order to meet the strict...

Awarded: NOK 6.0 mill.

Project Period: 2009-2013

Location: Viken

TU-Tungt utstyr

NTNU Nanolab – Laboratorium for syntese ved bruk av kjemiske metoder

...the main contributor to technological education and basic research in Norway, NTNU see its role as...NTNU Nanolab with common up-to-date nanotechnology laboratory facilities. NTNU Nanolab is...technology) to establish a strong nanotechnology ba sis. NTNU Nanolab will consist of...

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

Project Period: 2005-2008

Location: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

SSF-Svalbard Science Forum

Workshop on: Interdisciplinary Polar Studies in Svalbard

...Centre for Polar Studies (CPS, www.polarknow.us.edu.pl), was awarded...Silesia, together with Institute of Geophysics and Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy...www.unis.no), will host a workshop on Interdisciplinary Polar Studies in Svalbard. The workshop...

Awarded: NOK 0.19 mill.

Project Period: 2015-2017

Location: Svalbard

FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Norwegian Micro- and Nano-Fabrication Facility (NORFAB)

...ambitions of the proposal are to provide national access to...generic equipment applicable for micro- and nanotechnology including complete process...c groups focusing on fundamental research and education, to innovative companies with the...

Awarded: NOK 71.0 mill.

Project Period: 2010-2016

Location: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

SAMF-Fagkomiteen for samfunnsvitenskap

Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility in Norway

...Shell, and in Norway, Statoil and the state-owned...companies that have recently been involved in scandals and criticized for unethical conduct. By...Concurrently, it is not unlikely that such scandals have fed what appears to be widespread...

Awarded: NOK 0.58 mill.

Project Period: 2009-2010

Location: Oslo

SAMF-Fagkomiteen for samfunnsvitenskap

Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility in Norway

...Shell, and in Norway, Statoil and the state-owned...companies that have recently been involved in scandals and criticized for unethical conduct. By...Concurrently, it is not unlikely that such scandals have fed what appears to be widespread...

Awarded: NOK 1.7 mill.

Project Period: 2006-2009

Location: Oslo

MILJØ2015-Norsk miljøforskning mot 2015

VANN: Genetic engineering in aquaculture: Sustainability from an ethical, ecological and economic perspective

...is how to ensure environmental protection and at the same time achieve economic benefits....can this challenge be adequately understood and managed. We intend to combine experimental...derived from theoretical and applied studies as well as ethical examinations brought...

Awarded: NOK 2.4 mill.

Project Period: 2005-2009

Location: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku

NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale

NANO-ONCOLOGY: Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Combating Cancer

...like to present a meeting focusing on Nanotechnology and its impact on Cancer. To achieve...members of the industry working within nanotechnology and cancer research to give presentations...discussions about how advances in technology and cancer research have merged and its impact on...

Awarded: NOK 36,127

Project Period: 2018-2019

Location: Oslo

PROFORSK-Skole og samfunn

Stormwater research - get young people engaged!

...It is also about people. It requires interdisciplinary cooperation between hydrologists, water...stormwater solutions. And stormwater is a societal challenge in nearly every larger city...in basements or spills of mixed wastewater and rainwater. This project is about getting young...

Awarded: NOK 0.30 mill.

Project Period: 2018-2019

Location: Oslo

MSCA-TOPP-UT-Toppfinansiering av MSCA utgående kandidater

MUSLIM-NLNO Muslims Condemning Violent Extremism

...project comprehends an interdisciplinary study on the dilemma faced by Muslims...extremism. It explores how Muslim organisations and youth groups in the Netherlands and Norway...attention is paid to how young Muslim women and men have used specific strategies to gain...

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

Project Period: 2016-2018

Location: Ukjent Fylke

ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Implementing network codes

...decision-making occurring in the process of implementing EU energy legislation. The...However, political conflicts, negotiations and operational decision-making continue in the...the distinction between the decision-making and implementation stages. The INC project...

Awarded: NOK 10.0 mill.

Project Period: 2020-2024

Location: Viken

INTPART-International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research

HSN, NCE-MNT, SFI-CIUS US-Norway Collaboration on Ultrasound Technology and Harsh Environment Sensor

...and Vestfold University College (HBV) vision and...competitive internationally within micro- and nanotechnology education and research in close...its industry partners and international centres of excellence. HBV has world-class research groups...

Awarded: NOK 2.7 mill.

Project Period: 2016-2020

Location: Viken

BIOETIKK-Etikk,samfunn og bioteknologi

Principle based ethics - An investigation of the foundation and the importance of isolated ethical principles in applied ethics in the field

...aim of the project is an investigation of so called...applicability as a methodological tool for bioethical evaluations. The project will study the...l problems and the theoretical basis of the different methods. Two methods in...

Awarded: NOK 2.1 mill.

Project Period: 2002-2006

Location: Oslo

DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

MSH: The Freedom of the Other. Ethical Consequences of Irigaray's Conception of Sexual Difference

...project "The Freedom of the Other. Ethical Consequences of Irigaray's...of freedom from within an ontological-ethical perspective as articulated by Luce Irigaray.... The projec t argues the ontological relevance of sexual difference in relation to the ethical...

Awarded: NOK 10,000

Project Period: 2010-2010

Location: Vestland

COSTINF-COST Infrastruktur

COST Action IS1404 E-READ final conference

...was funded in 2014 to understand the effects and impact of digitization on...scientists from 33 countries and a wide range of disciplines (book history, media studies,...science), who are engaged in empirical, interdisciplinary research on the effects of the...

Awarded: NOK 0.10 mill.

Project Period: 2018-2018

Location: Rogaland

POS-ERC-Støtte til ERC søkere som oppnår god evaluering

Re-submission ERC CoG - TRANSFORM

...times of radical uncertainty and flux, how do individual...from conflict contexts about the driving forces of societal transformation? TRANSFORM studies the...or challenge dehumanizing trends of exclusion and abuse in violent conflict and civil...

Awarded: NOK 0.25 mill.

Project Period: 2016-2017

Location: Oslo

IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

Infrastructuring Internet of Things for public governance

...results from phase 1 to the academic community and to the public, as described under...in the intersection between technology studies and social science/the humanities. The... ICT artifacts referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) are enabling new forms of...

Awarded: NOK 0.57 mill.

Project Period: 2017-2018

Location: Oslo

NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale

Injectable biomaterials for dental tissue engineering

...in biomaterials science, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, molecular and cell...would render the patients better treatments and higher satisfaction with the dentists....outcomes will have an enormous social impact and potential for commercialization. The project...

Awarded: NOK 8.8 mill.

Project Period: 2019-2022

Location: Oslo

HAVBRUKS-Havbruk - en næring i vekst

Innovative use of bioactive marine ingredients as a strategy to sustain growth and health of Atlantic salmon and to improve flesh quality

...present project will evaluate potential growth and health promoting compounds present in marine...has focused on essential amino acids and lipids, minerals and antinutritional...in Bergen has strongly indicated that marine and vegetable protein sources also vary widely in...

Awarded: NOK 7.1 mill.

Project Period: 2009-2013

Location: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

Political Transformation in African Cities (PACE)

...residents will be added to African towns and cities in the next 30 years, yet the political...studying how urban growth transforms politics and societies in Africa. Bringing methodological,...multi-method project, we examine processes of political change within cities, and the...

Awarded: NOK 8.0 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2024

Location: Oslo

FRIMED2-FRIPRO forskerprosjekt, medisin og helse

New Perspectives on FcRn Biology

...and albumin have pivotal functions in both...as a molecular taxi transporting a plethora of important substances such as fatty acids and...the body. A particularly interesting feature of these unrelated proteins is that they share a...Antistoffer og albumin utfører helt sentrale funksjoner...

Awarded: NOK 8.2 mill.

Project Period: 2019-2023

Location: Oslo

MILJØ2015-Norsk miljøforskning mot 2015

SAMFUNN: Norms, green agents and environmental policy

...theory and policy prescriptions traditionally rely on the...is descriptively inaccurate in the context of environmental issues. Recent advances in theory...to rigorously treat social norms and ethical principles, and to study how these affect...

Awarded: NOK 7.0 mill.

Project Period: 2008-2013

Location: Oslo

FINNUT-Forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren

The Choice Architecture of Admission to Education (ArcEd)

...systems strive to be fair and inclusive, so that each individual can reach...throughout Europe over the last decade, and educational inequality is a major contributing...reaching their potential. The ArcEd project studies one such process with the potential to...

Awarded: NOK 8.0 mill.

Project Period: 2021-2025

Location: Oslo

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

The case for Regulation of Synthetic Biology and the Need for a New Category of Risk An Interdisciplinary analysis between the EU and the US

...is a convergent technology, combining biology and engineering, often overlapping with...and yet maintaining a distinct and separate profile. It holds the promise of remedying to some...ranging from the sustainable production of biofuels to environmental decontamination and...

Awarded: NOK 3.1 mill.

Project Period: 2018-2022

Location: Oslo

HAVBRUK2-Stort program for havbruksforskning

National Workshop on 3Rs in Aquaculture Research

...the application, challenges, opportunities, and advancements of the 3R (Replacement,...This 1-day workshop underscores the importance of superior animal welfare and the ethical and...animals in excellent science and positive societal outlook towards aquaculture. The workshop...

Awarded: NOK 99,999

Project Period: 2021-2022

Location: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

Criminal justice, wildlife conservation and animal rights in the Anthropocene [CRIMEANTROP].

...will explore the regulation, rationale behind and enforcement of wildlife conservation, the...messages of this enforcement, and their implications for wildlife conservation and individual...developing an innovative and emergent strand of international criminology; green criminology....

Awarded: NOK 10.2 mill.

Project Period: 2019-2023

Location: Oslo