Description of Prosjektbanken

The Project Databank provides access to figures and statistics related to projects funded by the Research Council (from 2004 onwards), approved projects under the SkatteFUNN scheme and projects with EU allocations to Norwegian actors to participate in EU projects. It also provides more detailed information about individual projects funded by the Research Council (from 2004 onwards) and EU projects with Norwegian participation.

It is possible to filter the statistics according to various category headings such as Subject Field, Thematic Area/Topic, Ministry, Organisation and Application Type. The subcategories below each heading are only available in Norwegian.

It is also possible to view funding-related statistics from the EU and the SkatteFUNN scheme by selecting the respective buttons at the top of the left-hand menu.

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Statistics from the EU and the SkatteFUNN Tax Incentive Scheme

CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service) is the repository and portal for EU data, and forms the basis for further processing by the Research Council. The Project Databank only displays the proportion of EU funding provided to Norwegian participants in EU projects.

The amounts shown for the EU statistics in the Project Databank are distributed over the project period (from start date to end date). This deviates from the normal reporting of EU statistics where the total amount allocated is represented for the year the call for proposals was issued.

The charts for EU figures display projects with signed contracts, including the projects that have been concluded. Projects that are recommended for funding but have not yet signed a contract are not included in the figures.

The EUR-NOK exchange rate is calculated for Horizon 2020 based on the average rate during the year the respective calls for proposals were issued (budget year). Statistics for FP7 (under Programme/Activity) employ a flat rate of EUR 1 = NOK 8.

Statistics for the SkatteFUNN scheme are based on approved SkatteFUNN projects and the companies’ budgeted SkatteFUNN funding. The total amount of actual support tends to be somewhat lower than the estimated figures. The amount is displayed as a yearly distribution over the project period.

It is not possible to display the approved funding amount for each individual SkatteFUNN project, but aggregate figures are available through the statistics. Please note that if the selection is too small (fewer than five projects), the approved funding amount will not be displayed at the aggregate level either.

The Project Databank employs the SkatteFUNN scheme’s own classification system.