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H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport


Awarded: NOK 64.9 mill.

The develops and validates approaches to build (3MW) and scale (to 20MW) fuel cell approaches that lower operational cost (capex) and design cost of LH2 PEM operations. We integrate the technical solutions in a larger socio-technical system, in cooperation with linked projects and considerable investments that the project will help generate, with the result of providing what could be the first European maritime supply chain for LH2. This is helped by having the demonstrator as one of two planned sister ships that will connect a new hydrogen production facility with LH2 demand in a series of vessels. Most of these new vessels are in planning stages, and one of them are now built for operation in September 2021 (which then will be the first LH2 ship in operation, with a smaller 400 kW system, by consortia member Norled). HyShip combines the state of the art in ship design (building on the RHODA-method to incorporate logistics and fuel supply in the design process), intelligent energy management systems (lowering capex) and a range of novel conceptual designs of LH2 systems. The project will generate considerable value for Europe, both as its generic approaches will lower cost and time for new vessel projects, but also through its initiative to initiate a scalable distribution system where operators have stable and low-cost access to CertifyHy’ed Green H2. Behind the project is a combination of leading expertise on LH2, energy systems, business models and ship design. Industry partners cover the energy system (Kongsberg Maritime), LH2 systemsThis proposal, HyShip, is a response to topic “FCH-01-6-2020: Demonstration of liquid hydrogen as a fuel for segments of the waterborne sector”, in the “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking”. We propose development and validation of a 2MW fuel cell liquid hydrogen ship, used in a hydrogen bunkering and supply chain, along with developing business models and the innovation ecosystem for multiple vessels and European regions.

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H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport

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