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H20-SECURITY-Secure societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens

Secure management of IoT devices lifecycle through identities, trust and distributed ledgers

Awarded: NOK 9.1 mill.

ERATOSTHENES will devise a novel distributed, automated, auditable, yet privacy-respectful, Trust and Identity Management Framework intended to dynamically and holistically manage the lifecycle of IoT devices, strengthening trust, identities, and resilience in the entire IoT ecosystem, supporting the enforcement of the NIS directive, GDPR and Cybersecurity Act. ERASTOSTHENES will leverage breakthrough solutions: (a) the first-ever enclosure of cybersecurity features in IoT devices through deployment of Trust Agents and continuous trust evaluation within the network in a contextual and social approach; (b) decentralised identity management mechanisms to conciliate requirements of self-sovereignty and privacy preservation in a distributed/transparent trust model along with disposable identities; (c) self-encryption/decryption at device-level with a whole system automated recovery process (incl. software, crypto-key material, identities) after an attack based on a multi-layer recovery model; (d) threat-analysis models based on federated learning and edge execution to continuously monitor devices and detect attacks; (e) collaborative IoT threat intelligence sharing across ledgers to adapt detection/defense mechanism to the evolving security conditions and assist the IoT life-cycle; (f) integration of Physical Unclonable Functions in trust framework and distributed ledgers. Finally, it will support enforcement of the NIS directive with a security information sharing mechanism based on inter-ledger technologies to support exchange of trust and security information among stakeholders, enhancing collaboration, vulnerabilities’ disclosure, and secure management of software updates. The overall vision of ERATOSTHENES is to provide core cybersecurity features to be adopted by manufacturers as baseline certification elements in the production of devices and throughout their entire lifecycle. The solution will be validated in 3 industrial cases: Automotive, Health, Industry 4.0.

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H20-SECURITY-Secure societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens

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