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H20-ENV-Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials


Awarded: NOK 5.6 mill.

REACHOUT will advance Climate Services for urban environments in 7 City Hubs across Europe, developing adaptation strategies integrated in climate resilient urban development. Our climate services will be tailored, visualized and presented in attractive climate story maps. In a series of City Hub workshops, we build up the narratives through engagement with municipalities within the region, citizens and the private sector. Not reinventing the wheel we implement an approach based on proven success in many cities across the world. The underlying Triple-A approach has been successfully applied in the Dutch National Spatial Adaptation program reaching most municipalities in the Netherlands. We will enrich and improve the Triple-A approach unlocking the potential of EU datasets and tools established by earlier H2020, Copernicus, GEOSS & JRC activities. We will improve existing tools and services through an agile development process, enhancing relevance by including possibilities for crowd sourcing and engagement of citizens and private sector. City Hubs apply the toolkit and provide the platforms for co-creation. EU wide upscaling is achieved through a City Hub approach and through connection to national and EU service platforms. C40 and R-Cities networks strengthen outreach and upscaling towards hundreds of cities world-wide. Our private sector partner APG is one of the world?s largest pension investors, responsible for the management of 560 billion euros in pension funds for 4.7 million participants. APG manages assets in five of the seven City Hubs. REACHOUT brings together a highly experienced transdisciplinary team with comprehensive knowledge on climate change adaptation and climate services, experience in working in cities. Our consortium will bridge the last mile and engage citizens and the private sector through active participation, building capacity and fostering collective action towards ambitions, addressing climate-related vulnerability.

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H20-ENV-Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials

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