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5G expOsure, causaL effects, and rIsk perception through citizen engAgemenT

Awarded: NOK 1.1 mill.


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2022 - 2027

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5G expOsure, causaL effects, and rIsk perception through citizen engAgemenT

Despite the rapid growth in novel applications of wireless technology, comparatively little is known about their potential impacts on health. In particular, special attention should be paid to the most vulnerable (i.e. young people up to 25 years old) and most exposed (i.e. workers) populations. The aims of GOLIAT are to monitor radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) exposure, particularly from 5G, provide novel insights into its potential causal health effects, and understand how exposures and risks are perceived and best communicated using citizen engagement. Applying an integrative and transdisciplinary pan-European approach, we will i) develop next-generation exposure assessment methods to estimate aggregated RF-EMF dose to the whole-body and organs in young people; ii) identify new occupational RF-EMF sources resulting from 5G deployment and estimate RF-EMF exposure levels and patterns in workers; iii) assess neuropsychological effects of RF-EMF in young people and workers using causal inference, and iv) quantify potential health impacts of exposures at the population level; v) assess effects of 5G on brain function, thermoregulation, and radical stress using in vitro, in vivo, human, and in silico experiments; vi) identify effective means of exposure reduction; vii) better understand risk perceptions to RF-EMF and 5G; viii) apply an inclusive engagement model and co-design communication methods/tools to address RF-EMF concerns and misconceptions; ix) disseminate GOLIAT’s results to stakeholders and integrate them into policy actions; x) implement a broader analysis of the societal and ethical implications of RF-EMF and 5G; xi) develop a FAIR data infrastructure; and xii) perform activities related to the EMF and health cluster. The expected results will serve to deliver robust evidence on the potential effects of (5G) RF-EMF exposure in young people andworkers, and contribute to developing guidelines for exposure prevention/reduction from new generation radio-communication networks including internet of things. GOLIAT is part of the European cluster on EMFs and health.

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