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CL5-Climate, Energy and Mobility

BATTERY 2030+ CSA3 large-scale research initiative: At the heart of a connected green society

Awarded: NOK 2.3 mill.


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2023 - 2026

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BATTERY 2030+ CSA3 large-scale research initiative: At the heart of a connected green society

Collaborative, long-term research on future battery technologies has since 2019 been supported by the European Commission with the BATTERY 2030+ initiative. This project, BATTERY 2030+ CSA3, builds on earlier CSA efforts to coordinate and monitor research projects earmarked BATTERY 2030+ to work together towards the goals in the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap. Other HE R&I projects are invited as associated. The overall aim of the BATTERY 2030+ initiative, is to invent the batteries of the future by providing breakthrough technologies to the European battery industry across the full value chain; to strengthen long-term European leadership in both existing markets (road transport, stationary energy storage), and future emerging applications (aerospace, medical devices, internet of things). In this third phase Accelerated Materials Discovery, Battery Interfaces, Smart Functionalities, Manufacturing and Recycling are covered. BATTERY 2030+ CSA3 builds on, and extends beyond, the earlier achievements of the BATTERY 2030+ initiative with five objectives: - Obj 1: Implementation and monitoring of the research activities contributing to the BATTERY 2030+ initiative - Obj 2: Update and develop the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap, by mapping ongoing R&I activities and identifying emerging obstacles and research needs - Obj 3: Accelerate the research by identifying and making available best practices and guidelines for ontology development, data sharing, and standardizations - Obj 4: Contribute to European curricula in future battery technologies - Obj 5: Promote and communicate the objectives and the achievements of the BATTERY 2030+ initiative and strengthen collaboration with other EU R&I battery initiatives The CSA3 consortium consists of 19 leading European universities and research institutes (UU, AIT, CEA, CIC Energigune, CIDETEC, CNRS/LRCS, DTU, EMPA, ENEA, FRAUNHOFER, FZJ, KIT, WWU, NIC, POLITO, SINTEF, TU Delft, VUB, and WTU) and 4 Associations (Recharge, EASE, EMIRI, and VDI-VDE-T

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CL5-Climate, Energy and Mobility

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