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CL3-Civil Security for Society

Building clarity and preventing bias in digital forensic examination, interorganisational communication and interaction

Awarded: NOK 4.4 mill.


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2023 - 2026

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Building clarity and preventing bias in digital forensic examination, interorganisational communication and interaction

Clarus is a multidisciplinary and multi-organisational consortium comprised of 6 academic research organisations; 4 forensic and 3 police agencies (LEAs) from 6 European member states and associated countries. Clarus will study how communication, taken-for-granted ways of doing things, organisational cultures, disciplinary backgrounds or even gender and specific languages can contribute significantly to a context for biased judgements and erroneous decisions at an organisational level in digital evidence examination and investigation. Clarus will achieve its objectives by co-producing, with the direct involvement of end-users, (1) a map of ambiguous information flows and points of miscommunication; (2) a report on potential sources of misunderstandings, errors and biases from organisational cultures, terminologies and communication patterns; (3) a common lexicon with reference points in multiple languages and (4) a bias checking tool for enhancing quality, impartiality and reliability of digital forensics. Clarus will thus produce new knowledge related to issues of communication, language and vocabulary, both within and across borders in Europe in the field of forensic digital evidence in Europe and will highlight areas of risk for the execution of unbiased forensic procedures. Clarus’ vision is: by detecting the organisational context for bias and errors in methods of informal and formal inter-agency communication, as well as the implementation of a common lexicon and bias checking tool, Clarus will improve objectivity, neutrality and fairness in the pursuit of safer justice outcomes in terrorism and serious crime exploiting digital technologies. This will enhance communication and improve efficiency and increase trust between citizens and the professional services in policing, forensic science and the courts leading to: "Improved forensics and lawful evidence collection, increasing the capabilities to apprehend criminals and terrorists and bring them to the court"

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CL3-Civil Security for Society

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