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H20-ENERGY-Secure, clean and efficient energy

Support for Public Procurements to facilitate the collaboration between SMEs and public sector for the development and adoption in renewables in regions

Awarded: NOK 2.7 mill.

The general objective of XPRESS is to facilitate the introduction of innovative RES technologies and increase the share of renewable energy in the final energy consumption through the following specific objectives: 1. creating a web platform that supports interacting between public procurers, innovative SMEs and end users of green innovations (WP2); 2. mapping of the low carbon energy needs of cities and municipalities with the RES technologies developed by innovative SMEs (WP1 and WP2); 3. improving the application of GPPs to innovative RES technologies (WP3); 4. increasing the awareness of innovative SMEs about RES technologies via GPPs (WP3); 5. develping a new methodology to evaluate RES technologies developed by innovative SMEs across their life cycle in order to estimate the CO2 emissions (WP4). XPRESS will focus initially on selected cities and municipalities within UK, Italy, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Slovakia, Portugal and Belgium with the goal of extending the analysis and the involvement to wider regions within those countries. The project will demonstrate the positive impact of innovative GPPs on cities and municipalities and SMEs in terms of energy savings, energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

Funding scheme:

H20-ENERGY-Secure, clean and efficient energy

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