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H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport

PJ01 Wave 2 Enhanced Arrivals and Departures

Awarded: NOK 0


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Project Period:

2019 - 2022



In order to meet the forecast traffic growth, and in particular to address the performance issues encountered in summer 2018, PJ01-W2 will develop concepts, tools and procedures to increase the capacity of Terminal Manoeuvring Areas (TMAs) in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner. This will be achieved by taking advantage of the latest technological developments from both an airborne and a ground-system perspective and through the secure sharing of data. The needs of all Airspace Users will be addressed including Rotorcraft. The aim will be to improve the capacity whilst exploiting the environmental benefits achieved from Continuous Climb Operations (CCO), Continuous Descent Operations (CDO) and improved arrival sequencing. A focus will be to minimise delays and improve resilience and predictability for capacity-constrained high-density/complexity TMAs. This will be achieved by enhancing arrival and departure management by the dynamic use of precision navigation routes and optimised profiles. Traffic flows will be optimised by improving the integration of the management of departures with arrivals, including extended Arrival Manager (AMAN) and ground holding from in-horizon departures, and by improving the capability to balance traffic demand and available capacity across the network and airports. The use of procedures and technologies to improve integration of rotorcraft operations within TMAs, and interoperability with General Aviation (GA), drones and Remotely-Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), will be addressed which will also provide increased resilience in poor weather. To ensure that the full benefits are achieved and that the expected performance improvements are realised in the context of the overall ATM network, close co-ordination will take place with other projects, particularly those addressing airport management, network management, trajectory and separation management and the overall content integration within the programme.


H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport

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