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H20-LEIT-LEIT-ADVMAT-Advanced materials

Virtual Open Innovation Platform for Active Protective Coatings Guided by Modelling and Optimization

Awarded: NOK 9.4 mill.

VIPCOAT will establish an ontology-based Open Innovation Platform form the development of inhibiting, active protective coatings and corresponding accelerator tests for assessing their in-service durability. The aim is to assist engineers in coating industry in developing coating materials and to advice accelerated test scenarios for their durability based on standardized simulation workflows. While initially, VIPCOAT will target the aeronautic industry, the Open Innovation Platform will develop interoperable Apps, based on standardized ontologies as extensions of the European Materials Modelling Ontology, which will allow for cross industry fertilization. The main target for interoperability and even integration, will be the emerging Open Translation Environments, Materials Modelling Market Place and Business Decision Support Systems currently being developed broadly in H2020-LEIT-NMBP projects. The Quadruple Helix Innovation Model will be used for VIPCOAT project implementation, development and utilization. The open innovations process will be realized by active interrelations between manufacturing industry, universities and research institutions, local government and civil participants. Business decision will be based on multi-criteria optimization approach to ensure more rapid and effective decision-making processes of selecting, designing and manufacturing of coating materials for active corrosion protection. The VIPCOAT platform will open the door for new production concepts with reduced process steps, lower consumption of energy and reduced natural resource utilization (water, raw materials). Moreover, the modelling supported coating design and manufacturing process will promote the development of a green technology for protective coatings, thereby promoting cheap and efficient approaches for corrosion inhibition. The new alternative environment-friendly inhibitors will support health on manufacturing staff by improving the manufacturing working conditions.

Funding scheme:

H20-LEIT-LEIT-ADVMAT-Advanced materials

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