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SPPRIMÆR-Strategiske programmer til and

Healthy cow - Dairy Cattle Records - A tool for improved animal health

Awarded: NOK 7.2 mill.

The programme will increase knowledge on animal health in the fields of animal breeding, animal epidemiology and animal immunology. Research will partly be based on an established data base, which includes individual health records from 1978 onwards. Thi s is the most comprehensive data set available for this purpose in the world. Methods to improve the use of health data in genetic evaluation will be examined and risk factors and causal relationships will be identified. Underlying mechanisms causing an o bserved reduction of mastitis frequency among cows selected for improved mastitis resistance will be examined through comprehensive supplementary recording of data in an ongoing selection experiment. The programme aim to increase the scientific co-operati on between the Agricultural University of Norway (NLH) at Ås and the Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine (NVH) located in Oslo, by transferring and building up competence both places.

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SPPRIMÆR-Strategiske programmer til and

Thematic Areas and Topics

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