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PETROFOR-Grunnleggende petroleumsforskning

3D Microseismic Reservoir Monitoring

Awarded: NOK 1.5 mill.

The funding comprise a four year program for a Dr.scient. fellowship co-financed by NORSAR (25%) and PetroForsk (75%). The project will be tied in closely to an existing research cooperation between Read Well Services AS, which is currently involved in th e development of permeanently installed 3-compoent seismic sensors for recording of microseismic activity. Moreover, N ORSAR and the University of Bergen are presently cooperating in the PetroForsk project "Integration of petrophysical and seismic modelli ng". The cause of so-called stimulated (induced) seismicity can be quantified interms of at least one of the following mechanisms: i) stress changes, ii) changes in pore pressure, iii) volume change, iv) increasing or decreasing external load. The study o f rate of occurrence, spatio-temporal properties, distribution of event sizes and other characteristics such as waveform and prequently content, which are essential for the processing, analysis and interpretationof microseismic data, will be ad dressed in the project. In addition to the characterization of the data as such, improved understanding of the optimum design of monitoring system in terms of instrument characteristics, station configurations in 3D, sampling rates, sensitivities and background noi se, will be important study topics. oise, The entire monitoring system to be studied will comprise a fully automatic mode of operation whereby the spatio-temporal distributic of seismic energy release within the reservoir can be qualitatively displayed, a nd an off-line interactive analysis of spe cial events intended to of spe describe with more refinement the spatio-temporal characteristics of the microseismic activity, aiming also at the understanding of the underlying mechanisms causing emission of sei smic energy.

Funding scheme:

PETROFOR-Grunnleggende petroleumsforskning

Thematic Areas and Topics

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