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IKT2010-Grunnleggende IKT-forskning

BEATS - Bandwidth-Efficient and Adaptive Transmission Schemes for Wireless Multimedia Communications

Awarded: NOK 11.4 mill.

Broadband wireless access to interactive multimedia services may in the future replace many fixed-wire connections in telecommunications. Our proposal addresses some critical components in future wireless broadband communications systems. It is a follow-u p project to the activity on channel coding and modulation in the NFR project WIRAC (Wideband Radio ACcess), and is a collaboration between one researcher from The Department of Telecommunications, NTNU and one researcher from The Department of Informatic s, UiB. The central research ideas and challenges are within adaptive transmission schemes, diversity techniques, and smart antenna signal processing. We aim at giving important contribution towards wireless transmission technology supporting a range of dealy-sensitive, bandwidth-intensive multimedia services. Our ideas are very focused from a technology point of view, yet generic in the sense that they might be exploited both in fixed wireless access, satellite communications, and fourth generation (4G ) mobile cellular systems. Short-distance wireless communication at much larger rates than supported by the "Bluetooth" standard may be enabled. Our research will be performed in cooperation with one PhD student financed by the project.

Funding scheme:

IKT2010-Grunnleggende IKT-forskning

Thematic Areas and Topics

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