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Proteolysis in foods: quality and biological function

Awarded: NOK 4.2 mill.

A sound basis for fractionation of cheese proteolysis products followed by chemometric analysis of the resulting peptide profiles has been established at the Department of Food Science, Agricultural University of Norway. International appraisal of the wor k has been very positive, and we intend to exploit this potential in the following studies. The project will have several related aims. studies. - First our previous basic work related to proteolysis in cheese ripening will be developed and refin ed towards systems for dynamic quality prediction, and for characterisation or detection of proteolytic activities in cheese during ripening. Chemometric analysis will be essential for these studies. mometric - Some peptides from proteolysi s of food proteins have been recognised for their inhibition of certain peptidases. The present work will determine the possible appearance in ripening food products (cheese, fish) of peptides inhibiting prolyl endopeptidas e activities related to Alzheim er's disease. peptidas Such peptides would have beneficial effects towards the disease. -Finally the work will aim to implement our techniques developed for cheese proteolysis towardsstudies of proteolysis in fish during storage, spoilage a nd fermentation.

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