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JORDBRUK-Jord, planter og husdyr

Skeletal lesions in growing dogs with regard to nutrition, growth rate, environmental and genetic factors. Step 2 project number 126935/122.

Awarded: NOK 2.5 mill.

Complete step 2 of the project: Feeding, growth rate and development of skeletal lesions. Funding through August 1998 - Dec 2000, was granted in 1998 (project no 126035/110) Step 1 Preliminary results: Approx. 500 dogs of the breeds Irish Wolfhound, Newfo rundland, Leonberger and Labrador retriever have been included. Co-operation with the Norwegian Kennel Club, about 75 breeders, close to 500 owners and 120 veterinary clinics throughout Norway made it possible to collect data on nutrition, housing, activi ties, reproduction, diseases and medication 1500 sheets of information. Clinical examination, blood sampling and analysis (1500), and radiographs have been taken from each do g 5 times during growth (1500). Serum, DNA material and radiographs have been ar chived. Another 100 dogs will be enrolled during 2000. Step 2: Collecting of data will continue until the dogs are 2 years old. A PhD student and co-operation researcher will work up the data and publish information on the occurrence of hip dysplasia, elb ow dysplasia, enostosis (periodically severe pain in th e skeleton) and bone cancer in relations to the data

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JORDBRUK-Jord, planter og husdyr

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