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F-FYS-Naturvitenskap, fysikk

Rydberg atoms and molecules in external electromegnetic fields

Awarded: NOK 1.4 mill.

The project will extend the initial collaboration with the Aarhus experimental group (E. Horsdal Pedersen) on Rydberg atoms in time dependent external fields. The first part of the project will be a direct extension of the M.Sc work on the dynamics of Li( n=25) atoms. Models for two specific fields will be investigated in collaboration with parallel experimental work:(i) Behaviour of the Li atom in a oscillating electric field combined with a constant ortogonal magnetic field.(ii) Field parameters (strengt h, frequencies) leading to particular long lived states.The second part of the project will be directed to the study of Rydberg states of molecules in similar external fields. A new feature of this part will be the coupling between electronic and rotation al/vibrational degrees of freedom.

Funding scheme:

F-FYS-Naturvitenskap, fysikk

Thematic Areas and Topics

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