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MARE-Marine ressurser,miljø og forv

Ensemble forecasting and the ocean's mesoscale

Awarded: NOK 1.1 mill.

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2002 - 2004


Project summary: Despite the popularity of ensemble simulations for medium-range and long-range forecasts in meteorology, similar activities are rather sparse in the ocean modeling community. The abundance of mesoscale activity (such as eddies) off the Norwegian coast has been throughly documented. In this project, the degree of determinism of the ocean circulation in carious coastal and shelf slope regions will be quantified by means of multi-year wind-driven ensemble simulations. Then, using objective techniques, we are in a position on gain and loose faith in various forecasted circulation features in non-assimilative ocean circulation simulations. Another issue that will be studied is relations between the surface circulation and the water masses below, and the associ ated variability. Ensemble simulations as a tool for ocean circulation forecasts and studies is expected to gain in popularity in the near future, since the prospected speed and memory capacity of high performance computers will alow for semi-global/global eddy resolving simulations within the next few years. For a number of reasons, the time is therefore rips for a study such as this investigation.

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MARE-Marine ressurser,miljø og forv

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