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NATURNAER-Natur og næring

Wood as a building material

Awarded: NOK 6.3 mill.

This programme focus on use of wood as a renewable resource and the sustainable material, and increased added value in the building, construction, furniture and furnishing sectors in the future. The main part of this programme will be 6 (Ph.D) pro jects carried out at 6 departments at the following faculties: Engineering and Technology, Architecture and Planning. The main topics are: · Service life of wood protection · Computational modelling and design of joints in timber structures ion · De signing with the natural durability of wood ion · "Wooden buildings in an urban context" ion · Products in thermoplastic/wood composites: design, market and production ion · The experienced quality of wood ion The . projects will be included in work packages of the same topics, one at each of the participating departments. The additional projects of the work packages will act as support to the activities, and they will focus on topics which are of direct re levance to the industry. They will also be a basis to establish networks and collaboration with Norwegian industry and with universities and research institutes in Norway and abroad.

Funding scheme:

NATURNAER-Natur og næring