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SIPOENER-SIP-OED Energi-sektoren

eBee - electricity Business enters eBusiness. Implementation of eBusiness Technologies brings Changes into the Electricity Industry

Awarded: NOK 8.0 mill.

The scope of the project is limited to: ? Efficient utilisation of electricity and distribution networks, ? Retail sales, ? Distribution network planning, design, maintenance and operation. The main aim of this project is to develop a sustainable knowledge-base on organizational, product, and process aspects of ICTs in electricity business. The project will focus on two important areas of interest; application of ICTs within organizations, a nd the use of ICTs in the relation between electricity industry and end-users. The knowledge gathered in the project will form the backbone of a project think tank that will serve as a forum for discussion and reflection involving representatives from the industry, and make SINTEF Energy Research and its cooperating partners a prefe rred partner related to exploitation of eBusiness technologies for the Electricity Industry. Main goals (Time perspective is not reflected in the goals): 1. To acquire expertise in eBusiness technologies, relevant for electricity industry ? Establishment of an internal knowledge base, sufficient for an independent professional evaluation of eBusiness solutions, advisory services, and further specifications and implementation of new technologies in the power sector. ? Dissemination of project team’s knowledge to specialists engaged within the power sector in order to rise up an average level of understanding of eBusiness potentials. ? Detailed studies of the selected research topics in interdisciplinary project teams ? Testing and demonstration of selected cases and potential products by case-studies/prototyping. 2. To build an interdisciplinary, creative and permanent network ? Achievement of synergy effects via interdisciplinary cooperation and technology transfer ? Rapid evaluation of new technologies according to needs and challenges existing in the electricity industry and further implementation of relevant technologies. ? Identifications of areas, which are most relevant for in-depth studies and further building of internal high expertise for R&D activities, based on the selected research topics. ? Arranging of interdisciplinary work-shops with cooperating partners ? Organise a common information exchange channel on the internet (web-site) 3. To define a harmonised structure and set strategic goals for development of eBusiness applications in the power sector ? Establishment of harmonised concepts/terms and framework ? Definition of clear long- and medium-term strategic priorities in order to avoid development of technological “blind alleys” and contradicting technologies. ? Focusing on gainful applications and relevance of eBusiness solutions.


SIPOENER-SIP-OED Energi-sektoren

Thematic Areas and Topics

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