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F-FYS-Naturvitenskap, fysikk

Experimetal investigations into liquid crystalline phases in colloidal platelet systems

Awarded: NOK 1.9 mill.

Experimental studies of colloidal clay suspensions and possible liquid crystalline phases as observed in a system of platelet shaped particles. The phase behaviours of hard anosotropic colloidal particles represent rich physical systems including the poss ibility of liquid crystalline orientational ordering. Most of the work in this field so far has dealt with rod shaped particles. Onsager, who first discussed the thermodynamic stability of liquid crystalline phases arising from gain of translational entro py overruling the loss of orientational entropy associated with particle alignment, pointed out that such entropy driven liquid crystalline phases also should occur in systems of hard plate shaped particles. The main experimental tools for the present pro ject include synchrotron X-ray scattering, neutron scattering, light scattering and microscopy.

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F-FYS-Naturvitenskap, fysikk

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