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F-MAT-Naturvitenskap, matematikk

Higher order dynamical systems

Awarded: NOK 1.7 mill.

The project will consist of a basic study of various types of dynamical systems - discrete and continious - and their applications, in particular to biological organizations. Notions as emergence, hierarchy and hyperstructures will be central in the study . The basic point is to extend and follow up our initial study of the impact of suitable higher order structures on the spaces where the dynamics occur. The higher order structures will be special cases of hyperstructures in the sense of Baas. The purpose is then to investigate how their structure influence the dynamics. This will consist of theory and concept building, computer experiments by examples and applications to biological systems.

Funding scheme:

F-MAT-Naturvitenskap, matematikk

Thematic Areas and Topics

No thematic area or topic related to the project