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BP-FAG-Naturvitensk,berg og petroleum

Modelling and numerical simulation of turbulent flows with droplets in the presence of an electric field

Awarded: NOK 1.7 mill.

The proposed project is closely related to the ongoing research collaboration between NTNU, SINTEF, ABB, Norsk Hydro, Statoil and Elf to improve the design of coalescers for separating oil and water and the SIP named Particle Technology. The research top ic is modelling of the interaction of turbulence, electric field, and droplets in a CFD framework. The trajectory of many droplets will be followed in a turbulent flow and every collision will be detected and simulated. The governing equations for the flu id are solved with a finite volume method. The exhange of mass and momentum between droplet and fluid are two-way coupled. It is believed that the particle tracking method with detection of every droplet collision will be a powerful tool for understandin g the fundamental dynamics of an emulsion and in longer term for equipment design.

Funding scheme:

BP-FAG-Naturvitensk,berg og petroleum

Thematic Areas and Topics

No thematic area or topic related to the project