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TRE-FoU-programmet TRE

Dispersal and establishment of old-forest lichens in managed boral forest

Awarded: NOK 2.6 mill.

The primary aim of this study is to investigate factors limiting the distribution of vulnerable old-forest lichens in boreal oseanic forests. As dispersal and establishment are anticipated to be critical stages of the life cycle these factors will be give n special attention. Increased knowledge about dispersal and establishment of old-forest lichens is a prerequisite for developing appropriate methods in forestry, aimed to conserve species diversity. Dispersal ability of old-forest lichens will be studied by DNA-identification of lichen diaspores in snow samples and by studying the number of established thalli in different distances from the source of propagules. Second, success of establishment and development of vegetative diaspores transplanted to diff erent environmental conditions will be studied during a long-term field experiment. Finally, the rate of colonization of epiphytic lichens in managed spruce forests will be analysed. The laboratory analyses will mainly include molecul

Funding scheme:

TRE-FoU-programmet TRE

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