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BIOFYS-Fysiologiske og anatomiske fag

Standard atlas of the brain of a model insect

Awarded: NOK 0.75 mill.

We are studying how olfactory and taste information is encoded in receptor and interneurones in the brain of insects and how learning of odours is realised via synapses of neurones connecting different brain compartments. As model organisms are used moths of the subfamily Heliothinae. The methods involve extra- and intracellular recordings combined with staining, for functional and morphological characterisations of the neurones. By the use of confocal microscopy the neurones are 3-dimensionally reconstruc ted in the brain. Precise determination of the dendrite arborizations and the axon projections in the different neuropil structures of the brain requires a standard atlas of the moth brain with thc compartments in a reference frame. The atlas is made by t he help of the computer program AMIRA which allows free turning of the reconstructed model, resulting in visualisation from different angles. Then all reconstructed neurones can bc placed in one normalised brain model. This helps to determine the neuronal network underlying processing of sensor> information and learning. The insect brain is well suited, since its small size allows a complete reconstruction of the whole preparatio n in confocal microscope. eparatio

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BIOFYS-Fysiologiske og anatomiske fag

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