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BIOPROSP-Bioprospektering 2002 - 2006

Exploration of unique pharmaceutical activities of molecules isolated from Arctic and sub-Arctic marine organisms; The "Marbio" programme

Awarded: NOK 16.0 mill.

The aim of Part A (see below) in the Marbio programme is to establish a platform for the screening of new pharmaceuticals from cold adapted marine organisms. This unit will have the capacity to collect, extract and by high-throughput efficiency, identify drug leads with unique bioactivities within the most important drug areas; to fight virus, bacteria and cancer, in addition to compounds with immunostimulatory or antiinflammatory action. The activities in Part B will focus on isolation, identification, the mode of action and novel mechanisms of the active molecules, in addition to their structure-function relationships. The Marbio programme is a full-fledged bioscreening programme with the total capacity for exploration of compounds with pharmaceutical activity, from the harvesting of organisms to the final patent applications.

Funding scheme:

BIOPROSP-Bioprospektering 2002 - 2006