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IKTIP-Innovasjonsprogrammet IKT

Optical packet switched migration capable networks with service guarantees

Awarded: NOK 2.4 mill.

The objective is to find solutions for a cost effective hybrid packet and circuit switched optical network achieving quality of service (QoS) guarantees while optimising the sharing of network resources. By using e.g. optical polarization, an optical pack et switched network offering service guarantees can be implemented. This is achieved by sending packets over the static fixed paths in a static or dynamic wavelength routed optical network (WRON) layer. By sending statistically multiplexed Best Effort (BE ) service class packets in a polarization orthogonal to the WRON layer, high throughput efficiency is obtained in the link. The network approach can be said to be a hybrid between a connection oriented (WRON) and a connection less (packet switch layer) ne twork. In the project two of the most important issues to address will be: implementation and performance of the described network and migration from a SDH circuit based network to the described network.The project results will support the requirements of long-term target network in Telenor and provide an option for expanding the product range and market opportunities for Network Electronics as the industrial partner.

Funding scheme:

IKTIP-Innovasjonsprogrammet IKT

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