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PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver

Treatment of Produced Water: Characterization and new treatment strategies.

Awarded: NOK 9.0 mill.

The research tasks in this proposal will contribute to the development of new and improved technology for a more efficient and cost effective treatment of produced water from offshore oilfield installations. The primary research tasks are defined as follo ws: Sampling and characterization A fundamental necessity of developing and designing any treatment scheme is the knowledge and understanding of the fluid to be treated. To characterize the target compounds to be removed from the produced water, sampling and test protocols will be established. Determining characteristics of the major substances in the produced water along with techniques and procedures will be one of the tasks in this research task. Treatment of suspended constituents A major factor in achieving a zero harmful discharge to sea is the removal of suspended solids and dispersed oil from produced water. Particle separation is a fundamental process in any treatment process for the production of high quality effluent from an aqueous stream. The main objective in this research task is to identify applicable treatment techniques with respect to produced water, evaluate alternative processes and to develop and adapt these processes for offshore installation. Treatment of dissolved/soluble cons tituents The removal of dissolved constituents in produced water is necessary within the zero harmful discharge framework. One of the research tasks in this proposal is to investigate the applicability of biological degradation of specific target compound s. Bench-scale tests and small pilot plants will be used to determine biodegradability and degradation rates in order to develop and design new compact biological reactors suitable for off-shore installations. Biological treatment has not traditionally be en used in treating produced water. This research proposal aims at studying and promoting biological treatment techniques for sustainable and environmental friendly strategies in treatment of produced water

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PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver