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SUPOPETR-SUP-OED Petroleumssektor

Enabling technology for sub sea production of oil and gas using electricity for power supply and control.

Awarded: NOK 8.9 mill.

Fundamental research and development of new competence at NTNU, will provide a basis for the creation of more cost-effective technology for oil and gas production from smaller or complex sub sea fields. Further, increased recovery from mature fields requi res electric power for water or gas injection and lift support. The development of this competence is necessary to enable the university and its departments to provide Norwegian oil companies and contractors with relevant knowledge. Competence in these fi elds is of vital importance for Norwegian oil companies and contractors in order to compete internationally when it comes to exploitation of oil and gas reserves in new sub sea fields both nationally and internationally. The project will be conducted in a multi disciplinary framework within NTNU and SINTEF Energy Research. The supervisors and professional advisers for the 3 PhD candidates will be a research team consisting of 4 professors from the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and 1-2 rese archers from SINTEF Energy Research AS. The ultimate objective of the project is to build a scientific knowledge base regarding: Selection of appropriate materials and components for submerged electric motors, power electronics, high voltage units and distribution systems for energy supply and control. During the project period the ambition is to build up competence with end-user involvement, and carry out research that focuses on the assessment of reliability and operational security of various system designs. An important aspect of this will be to develop international recognition by active publication of results, to establish contacts and active cooperation with national and international oil companies, contractors and research communities.

Funding scheme:

SUPOPETR-SUP-OED Petroleumssektor