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TU-Tungt utstyr

NTNU Nanolab – Laboratorium for syntese ved bruk av kjemiske metoder

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

As the main contributor to technological education and basic research in Norway, NTNU see its role as a central institution in the development of the nanotechnology field in Norway. NTNU is therefore actively working to establish NTNU Nanolab with common up-to-date nanotechnology laboratory facilities. NTNU Nanolab is based on the need for strong interactions between the different disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, medicine, materials technology) to establish a strong nanotechnology ba sis. NTNU Nanolab will consist of three main state-of-the-art nanosyntesis/nanostructuring laboratories: Laboratory for synthesis by chemical methods, Laboratory for nanostructuring by physical methods and Laboratory for bionanotechnology. In addition com mon nanostructure characterization laboratories will be established. The need for financial support for the establishment of Laboratory for synthesis by chemical methods is described in this application. The preparation of nanoparticles and nanostructure d materials plays a central role in the development of new technologies, devices and industrial processes, as exemplified by the January 2004 issue of the MRS Bulletin dedicated to applications of nanostructured ceramic materials. It is worth noting that nanoparticles and nanostructured materials are for example important for developments of areas such as energy technology, information- and communication technology, materials technology and process technology, fields where researchers at NTNU are highly a ctive.

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TU-Tungt utstyr

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