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FRIMUF-Miljø- og utviklingsforskning

Social implications of rural electrification in Zanzibar, Tanzania (field work)

Awarded: NOK 32,800

The project is a necessary step for fulfilling the aims of my doctoral dissertation. The proposed fieldwork will enable me to extend the analysis of how electricity has changed social life in a village since its coming in the early 1990s. Updated informat ion and comparisons with my findings during the major fieldwork conducted in 2000-2001 is of great importance in this interdiciplinary project concerned with change. I may add that the doctoral work has been delayed by 16 months due toa maternity leave, a nd this has created a need for a second visit which was not envisaged in the initial phase. Concrete plans: 1) Gather data on the current situation of rural electricity supply in Zanzibar (utility company important source) 2) Collect data on Zanzibar's g eneral economical and political conditions (important context) 3) Collect data from the village central in my analysis (social, economical, technological and political circumstances and changes).


FRIMUF-Miljø- og utviklingsforskning

Thematic Areas and Topics

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