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MARKSAM-Marked og samfunn

Ocean Governance, Trade Politics, and Norway

Awarded: NOK 0.14 mill.

A prominent feature of the Norwegian fishing industry is its international orientation. Resource management as well as the trade of fish is critically dependent upon international cooperation. The major fish stocks in the Norwegian Economic Zone are share d with other countries and, in some instances, also international waters. More than 90 per cent of the fish landed is exported, to more than 150 countries. The main objective for the projects here is to examine the status and developments in the internati onal regimes for the management of living marine resources and trade respectively, and to assess the implications of this to the Norway and the Norwegian fishing industry. With regard to resource management, implications of global developments for domesti c resource conservation and distribution of rights are assessed. Consequences of changes in the international trade regime are exemined with regard to environmental aspects in particular.

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MARKSAM-Marked og samfunn

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