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FORMNT-Formidlingsprogrammet MNT

Et skuespill om Albert Einsteins liv og virksomhet

Awarded: NOK 0.45 mill.

A one-act play will be written on aspects of Albert Einstein’s life and work. Based on existing scholarship as well as the Principle Investigator’s own research, the play will explore a number of themes arising from Einstein’s activities that can raise in terest in both Einstein and physics more generally. As in the PI’s earlier efforts in dramatizing the history of science, this play will try to reach and offer something of value to multiple audiences: scientists, students at pre-university and university level, and general public. Einstein’s uncompromising passion for physics – his quest for intellectual and aesthetic fulfillment through seeking to understand physical nature – as well as his goals for a moral life and social justice should be able to tou ch us today, and even, it is hoped, provide inspiration to young students. The play will not provide a sanitized history nor depict a man devoid of imperfection: it is precisely through his struggles in the private and public sphere that Einstein, a compl ex man driven by a range of conflicting emotions, allows us to marvel at his genius and find edification in his actions. The play will be performed at Håkonshallen, Bergen, in August 2005 as part of the World Year of Physics celebration being organized by Norsk Fysisk Selskap and Universitetet i Bergen. Political, academic, and industrial leaders will join physicists in this event. Bergen actor Frode Rasmussen has expressed keen interest in playing the main role. He is committed to bringing the play to hi s intimate Altona Theatre in Bergen where it will be accessible to the general public as well as the university community. It is anticipated that the two-actor troupe will subsequently be able to bring the play to a number of cities, especially those host ing institutions of higher education. Contact will be made with leaders of naturfagsentre to discuss how to the play might be used in realfag pedagogy. NRK Radioteater will also be a possible outlet for outreach.

Funding scheme:

FORMNT-Formidlingsprogrammet MNT

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