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IKTIP-Innovasjonsprogrammet IKT

Norsk OSIRIS - Open Source Infrastructure for Run-time Integration of Services

Awarded: NOK 12.2 mill.

Norsk OSIRIS is organised as a co-operative research effort lead by industrial partners. It is targeted towards the ICT sector and the software sector in particular. The project consortium consists of ICT Norway, SINTEF, Norsk Regnesentral, CognIT, Erics son, Finale, Karde, More, SuperOffice, og Skattedirektoratet. The goals for Norsk OSIRIS require international cooperation, with influential partners, and ICT Norway has become a partner of OSIRIS, with other Norwegian participants as subcontractors. OS IRIS has been proposed as a project under the EUREKA program ITEA. The ITEA office accepted the Full Project Proposal (FPP) in autumn 2004. The OSIRIS Consortium is built around three sets of partners: 9 large industrial companies, 8 SMEs, and 9 academic partners. The members of the Consortium belong to 10 different European countries: Czech Republic, France, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Sweden and Turkey. OSIRIS innovations will provide an end-to-end chain for services built up on several component platforms that can be deployed on several kinds of networks (wideband fixed and mobile). OSIRIS innovations also contain the capabilities to integrate third party services into service choreographies, as a way to perform services comp osition. OSIRIS will develop technologies complying with the upcoming standards in the middleware and web services arena that will enable the construction of reliable and consistent composite services. The support for dynamic integration of services, afte r the deployment of these in order to create new service federations, and capable to adapt to context (management, terminals, network bandwidth, etc) is also a technological innovation proposed by OSIRIS. OSIRIS offers a strategic relevance to the Europe an IT sector, other industrial sectors, and citizens.

Funding scheme:

IKTIP-Innovasjonsprogrammet IKT

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