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Quality of Service in ad hoc networks - QUAD

Awarded: NOK 4.9 mill.

The project Quality of Service (QoS) in ad hoc networks (Quad) is an integrated part of the already approved ITEA project Easy Wireless (EW). The EW project focuses on QoS in heterogeneous networks and Quad addresses a set of subgoals of the larger EW pro ject. The Quad project has been approved as an extension of the EW project. A mobile ad hoc network consists of mobile nodes which are free to move about arbitrarily, and where the nodes can relay traffic for other nodes. Such networks are characterized by a dynamic topology with fluctuating bandwidth. The project will find novel methods and solutions for ensuring predictable QoS for such networks. An important R&D challenge is how to measure and estimate the available bandwidth on such fluctuating wire less links. How to perform network queuing and buffer management are also important challenges. Another important issue related to QoS in such networks is how to perform network monitoring and network management. Solutions for group communication for Qo S enabled applications will also be investigated. The Quad project expects to design and demonstrate a multiservice IP-based wireless broadband network. The QoS, group communication and management mechanisms that will be designed should enable services like high quality pictures, video and voice over ad hoc networks in a robust and scalable manner. No known solution for this exists today. Such a QoS enabled ad hoc network will be of great benefit for emergency operations, and the project will have clo se contact with the emergency organizations to ensure that such users needs are taken into account. The project will establish a reference group of relevant emergency user groups.

Funding scheme:

VERDIKT-Kjernekomp.og verdiskaping IKT