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RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer

Store vindmøllegeneratorer

Awarded: NOK 7.0 mill.

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2005 - 2009



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SmartGenerator is developing a new generator system with a weight reduced generator and an interconnection to the mains that meet the new grid codes. It is a goal of SmartGenerator to contribute in the national effort of establishing economical viable new renewable energy resources. SmartGenerator will also establish engineering and industrial activities in different parts of Norway. Generator prototypes provided by SmartMotor AS will be tested in a laboratory scale model. The power electronics interface to the grid connection will be designed according to the obtained characteristics of the permanent magnet prototypes (frequency, voltage, etc.). Then, the system will be tested for the most severe disturbance: short circuit condition. The control strategy and the power electronics converters will be designed so as to keep the wind generation connected to the grid under this condition due to new grid code requirements. These codes demand that wind farm remain connected and supplying the network under very severe voltage sags. NTNU and Sintef have long been engaged in research on wind power integration to the grid and have just started a wind laboratory this year. This laboratory will be further expanded through this project, enabling testing of different g eneration systems, interfaces and network configurations. This project will greatly benefit the academic environment, the industry involved in generation systems and the utilities, by building new research capability in Norway through the international an d North Norway cooperation, giving in addition an insight in wind generation in arctic conditions. In parallel with the development of the interconnection between the generator and the grid, data obtained from the prototypes will be used for designing ful l scale permanent magnet generators for commercial development. Further weight reduction as a result of appropriate material choices and structural design will be thoroughly explored.

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RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer