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PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver

High Pressure Gas Liquid Separation

Awarded: NOK 12.8 mill.

The development on the Norwegian continental shelf moves towards smaller fields where more cost efficient solutions must be found. The vision is to do all gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation sub-sea, i.e. a total high-pressure sub-sea separation conce pt. Arguments for such a shift is to facilitate the separation processes, lower the amounts of water and gas that need to be transported and/or discharged, and to reclaim gas at a high pressure that makes recompression before pipeline transport unnecessar y. The present project builds on what we have learnt and developed under the HiPGaS programme. This programme ends in 2005 and lasted for 5 years. Through the new HiPGLS project further understanding of the processes governing gas liquid separation under high pressure will be gained. This will steadily increase the knowledge on which to base improvements of the design criteria, which is a condition for sub-sea installations. We are now in the very fortunate situation that large investments in laboratories and in the development of experimental techniques have been done both through the old HiPGaS project and through in-house developments among the industrial partners. The time is now due for collecting data through large experimental programmes and to cap italize on the investments already made. The project focuses on four important areas for hig pressure separation: a) Droplet/droplet/liquid surface phenomena, b) Separator performance, c) Transport properties and d) CFD modelling of separator. There ar e three PhD studies and two Post doc. involved in the project.

Funding scheme:

PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver