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INTSAMGEN-Internasjonalt samarbeid generelt

USA - Second homes development in Norway and US/Wisconsin. A comparative study

Awarded: NOK 0.28 mill.

The project will allow CRR to join the comparative research project that is planned by UW-Madison and make it a true collaborative effort between the institutions. In detail, money is needed to: a) Improvement/adjustment of WU-Madison researchers' alre ady planned preliminary field work in Norway June 2005, so to make sure data collected is as appropriate as possible for the CRR's future research as described in this application. b) Extending the Norway field work June 2005, so that data relevant for t he Norwegian part of the future project is given due attention, thereby giving the project a sound basis for development of subsequent grant application. c) Norwegian involvment in first part of Wisconsin field study fall 2005, as in a) and b). The field work in this phase will require one CRR reseracher to spend one month in Wisconsin this fall. d) Elaborating plans for future collaborative efforts, including identifying financial sources in Norway and US for CRR's future research activities on second h omes. e) Carrying out an initial literature review on previous Norwegian / European research on second home development. f) Two project meetings in Madison (Wisconsin) to discuss and prepare further collaborative efforts. g) Arranging a mini-workshop on second homes research in Trondheim in June 2005, with participation from CRR and UW-Madison. h) Participation at 11th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management June 2005 in Sweden. i) Inviting UW-Madison lead researcher Roger Hammer for a two week stay at CRR in March 2006, and UW-Madison ph.d.-candidate Paul Van Auken for a two month stay at CRR in Febrauary-March 2006. j) Co-writing/publishing journal articles (work already in progress).

Funding scheme:

INTSAMGEN-Internasjonalt samarbeid generelt

Thematic Areas and Topics

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