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BEDSAM-Bedriftens samfunnsansvar

C(S)R in global value chains, a conceptual and operational approach.

Awarded: NOK 3.0 mill.

This is a collaboration project between Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Social Research AS and the Norwegian School of Management (NSM). Through its facilitation of an institutionalised collaboration between NTNU and NSM this project will contribute to the building of a strong national competency arena with ambitions to match the best Nordic and European research groups in this field. The project will combine an operative approach to CSR practice and a conceptual analysis of CSR mode ls and practices. In both the theoretical and operative analysis, we will argue that it is necessary to conceptualise and implement CSR not only in individual business units, but also often through a series of contractual and market relations throughout l arge parts of the value chains. The project will establish three core projects addressing CSR from three central perspectives: the business perspective, the public governance/regulation perspective and the systemic management perspective with an emphasis on operative models for CSR-implementation and evaluation in value chains. Three cross-cutting projects will then focus on CSR and business-NGO-relations, Corporate and product/service reporting, and Measurement of extra-financial values and risks in the context of SRI. Through active knowledge dissemination and interaction with relevant user groups the project will aim at building CSR competence in industry, public authorities, NGOs and research institutions. This will be achieved through a series of act ivities including research seminars and teaching within and between the involved organisations, a CSR arena aimed at knowledge dissemination and securing regular input from industry, public sector and NGO´s and other relevant stakeholders, a national CSR conference to be organised in cooperation between NTNU and NSM and international knowledge dissemination and publication.

Funding scheme:

BEDSAM-Bedriftens samfunnsansvar