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SIP-Strategiske instituttprogram

CONtinuity and Change - Cultural ENvironments and SUStainable landscape development -CONCENSUS

Awarded: NOK 20.2 mill.

CONCENSUS is focused on achieving knowledge to sustain management of cultural heritage environments and esthetic values in a landscape context. It is designed to develop knowledge built on a close collaboration between managers of cultural heritage nation ally, regionally and locally and an interdisciplinary research team consisting of researcher from NIKU, NIBR and NINA. The program has a special focus on spatial management of the coastal zone, as the SIP "Integrated coastal management" has been included in the present application. Many of the trends affecting cultural heritage values in the landscape have a global character and are related to economic and market development, the program takes on to analyze the main drivers internationally. The consequen ces for local landscape and cultural heritage environments of the changing structure in primary industries, modes of production, settlement and infrastructure development particularly along the coast, in low mountain areas and in the fringe areas around c ities are central to the program. The program aims at analyzing these factors through a number of selected case studies covering planning and a wide specter of sector policies and incentives. The complexity of the challenges and Norway`s signing on to the European Landscape Convention involves a wide interdisciplinary approach where governance in management, raised awareness, and local added value are focal and potentially linked issues. The challenges of managing the Norwegian UNESCO world heritage sites as well as management of cultural heritage environment in the every-day landscape involves development of indicators for condition assessment, evaluation of vulnerability and tools for monitoring.

Funding scheme:

SIP-Strategiske instituttprogram