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CERN-Kjerne- og partikkelforskning

Instrumentation for High Energy Particle and Nuclear Physics

Awarded: NOK 30.0 mill.

This project covers the CERN related instrumentation R&D for the period 2006-2011. In addition to R&D on silicon based detector systems for subatomic physics experiments, focusing on 3D sensors and new integration methods for electronics, it covers three related sub-projects that together exploit CERN technology transfer and training possibilities fully over the next 6 years. The project is therefore organized as four co-ordinated subprojects, each with their own specific goals and profile: 1) R&D for future silicon systems 2) The Norwegian technical student program at CERN 3) Support for an Industry Liaison Officer with extended responsibilities related to technology transfer and recruitment 4) Participation in the CLIC accelerator R&D at CERN These four areas of R&D and technology development studies are connected and will be co-ordinated as one overall projects. Four research groups at the Univ. of Bergen and Oslo, together with the Micro- and Nanotechnology Laboratory in Oslo join forces in this project and in addition will students and supervisors from 4-5 other Universities or University Colleges take part in specific research projects at CERN related to student grant, technical developments and instrumentation.

Funding scheme:

CERN-Kjerne- og partikkelforskning