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ESRF-ESRF – Program for synkrotronforskning

Structure studies of ferroic materials under non-ambient conditions.

Awarded: NOK 0.73 mill.

The general aim of the project are structure studies of ferroic materials and is composed of three complementary parts. Inorganic perovskites and perovskite-like materials comprizing nanosize epitaxial films and nanosize particles are the targets for two of the subprojects. A common critical parameter here is size and its impact on stability and electronic properties which determine several functions of both fundamental and technological importance. The third subproject is related to organic ferroics. Diffraction data of excellent quality have been obtained for two compounds, enabling detailed studies of the structural changes associated with the ferroic transformation. Application of a three-beam interference technique is proposed for studies of the structural dynamics during the transformation. In all the three subprojects we will rely on synchrotron radiation under non-ambient conditions involving temperature, pressure and electric field, in order to obtain a better understanding of important as pects of ferroic materials.


ESRF-ESRF – Program for synkrotronforskning

Thematic Areas and Topics

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