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SFI-Sentre for forskn.drevet innov

CREATE - Centre for Research-based Innovation in Aquaculture Technology

Awarded: NOK 80.0 mill.


New technologies must improve the efficiency of production and operations, the safety of handling fish farming gear and the economics of production. They must also minimise social conflict with other users of the marine environment and reduce environmenta l impacts such as escapes, diseases and nutrient pollution. These requirements can be summarised in four key criteria for development; financial viability, environmental: sustainability, fish welfare and human health and safety. To develop new technologi cal solutions that fulfil these requirements, a research platform that incorporates the complexity of modern industrial marine fish farming is needed. CREATE will provide this platform by combining world-leading Norwegian companies that supply equipment a nd technology with prominent scientific research institutions into a centre with a common focus to develop and prepare the ground for commercialisation of new technology. CREATE will focus research and development within the following three main research pillars and integrate knowledge between them: " Equipment and constructions The physical equipment used to farm fish. " Operation and handling The process of executing and carrying out operations necessary to farm fish. " Farming intelligence Control of t he total process of farming by understanding the integrated use of equipment and the process of operations and combining this with knowledge of biological issues and the physical environment. Through this initiative and research philosophy, the aim is to elevate research and development of aquaculture technology to a new level, bringing the industry a major step forward

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SFI-Sentre for forskn.drevet innov