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SFI-Sentre for forskningsdrevet innovasjon

COIN - Concrete Innovation Centre

Awarded: NOK 76.0 mill.


The construction industry has an annual turnover of 45 billion Euros. Innovation can release an annual value creation potential of 3-4 billion Euros. Concrete is the dominating construction material. As for the industry as a whole, the concrete industry f aces challenges with respect to productivity, quality, work environment (HSE), recruiting as well as to environmental impact, depletion of resources and energy consumption. The social and industrial challenges call for technical solutions that substantia lly improve product performance, sustainability, and productivity. The research consortium will focus its work in four areas that interact and influence each other, and where there are significant possibilities for innovation based on fundamental research results: Task 1 - Advanced cementing materials and admixtures * Reduced CO2-emissions * High tensile strength * High flowability and stability * Low permeability Task 2 - Improved construction techniques * Tailoring production properties * Air bubbles as tool to improve production properties of SCC * Use of fibres Task 3 - Innovative construction concepts * Composite structures * Optimal reinforcement Task 4 - Multifunctional design * Service life design * Better indoor climate * Aesthetics of concrete * "Intelligent" Materials The centre will be located in Trondheim with SINTEF Byggforsk as host institution. The consortium represents the whole value chain of materials producers, construction and engineering com panies and building owners. In addition we will cooperate with architects and consulting engineers who are important premises-providers and decision-makers with respect to material selection and design. COIN will have a significant exchange of personnel within the consortium, and we will cooperate with research institutes and universities in Europe and USA. At least twelve new doctorates and three international conferences are planned.

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SFI-Sentre for forskningsdrevet innovasjon