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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

Novel CO2 Capture Scheme for Power Generation- BIGCLC

Awarded: NOK 17.5 mill.

Recent studies indicate that CLC technology for use in power generation with CO2 capture may have a large efficiency potential. Major international companies, also inside the BIGCO2 industrial consortium, have clearly expressed their interest in the techn ology. A large scale research and demonstration rig of CLC technology is a needed and natural choice at the current developmental stage in order to verify the promising results and bring the technology further forward. It will contribute to the demand for increased know-how and experience on process design and material operability, and it will further be a necessary bridge to the development of pressurised CLC technology with higher efficiencies. CLC is a thermo-chemical process involving advanced materia l technology. As such, both Norwegian process engineering industry and mining and metallurgical industry may play a successful role. One key element to fulfil this is to couple basic research to verification and demonstration activities at large scale. Th is is the purpose of the present project. It will capitalise on knowledge and consortium network attained in the ongoing BIGCO2 project, as well as involvement in EU projects such as ENCAP. Together with well suited laboratory facilities and experience on operating large scale test rigs, it puts the group of SINTEF and NTNU departments behind this proposal in a very good position for such a tas

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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering