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F-MAT-Naturvitenskap, matematikk

Conference "Differential Equations: Geometry, Integration Methods and Applications"

Awarded: NOK 0.10 mill.

The Conference is devoted to geometric methods in differential equations and applications. This is a traditional area of mathematics, having roots in the pioneer works by Norwegian mathematicians Abel and Lie. On the other hand this area of mathematics is still very actual, because nowadays we have gotten new methods to interpret and solve old classical problems. Thus it is very timely to have a meeting of the leading experts to discuss the present state of the subject and to develop new effective methods to investigate, make structural analysis and integrate equations appearing in geometry and physics. The applications vary from the problems of equivalence and classifications in differential geometry to the fundamental questions in mathematical physics a nd quantum mechanics. We will also discuss symbolic and numerical implementations of the methods, which is a topical area of current research. The proposed Conference will stay in a line of recent actual mathematical events. We name just a few: Internatio nal Workshop "Formal theory of partial differential equations and their applications", Finland, April 2-9, 2006 (Boris Kruglikov [UiTø] was among organizers); Summer Program "Symmetries and Overdetermined Systems of PDEs", USA, July 17-August 4, 2006; ICM -2006 Satellite Conference "Advances In PDEs Geometry", Spain, August 31-September 2, 2006 (Valentin Lychagin [UiTø] is among organizers). The conference will be an important cooperation with the Sophus Lie Seminar at the University of Tromsø held at the Mathematical Department. The Seminar has a visitor program, which is sponsored for 2006-2007 by NFR (Project nr: 171274/V30, Leader: Boris Kruglikov). Some of the invitée to the Conference have been visitors of this Seminar. Even though the scientific le vel of the Conference will be high, we will involve young active researches, mostly PhD students and Postdocs. Thus the Conference will have a positive impact on the scientific education and research in Norway.

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F-MAT-Naturvitenskap, matematikk

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