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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

MSH: Visiting researcher to MSH, Paris

Awarded: NOK 7,000

In my recent research on media and power in Norway, I have extensively applied theories and concepts developed by Pierre Bourdieu and collegues at CSE in order to develop a systematic approach to the analyses of symbolic power in contemporary society. By using the techniques of correspondance analysis, my research team constructed an analytical mapping of the Norwegian media order based on available, national statistics. Compared with the media order 20-30 years ago, an astonishing finding was the strong position of the elite platforms for financial journalism in Norway. Hence, comparable to the findings of those made by Julien Duval in the French case, economic power and capital occupy a strong position in the symbolic field, constructed and reproduced t hrough the practices of news journalism. In my publication in 2003, Den norske medieorden. Posisjoner og privilegier (The Norwegian Media Order: Positions and Privileges) I tried to specify the particular logics in the field of financial journalism and to develop a historical account of how economic power has been transformed and reproduced as symbolic power in the Norwegian media order. However, the rapid changes in media technology and the claimed increasing fluidity of national and cultural borders a re posing challenges to the theoretical framework of the classic media order analysis and field-theory. They are not taking place solely within national frameworks, and the way in which global changes have local effects is determined by the different po sitions that the various media orders uphold in a global media order. I am presently trying to sharpen my understanding of how the use of field-theory and how the concept of symbolic power and capital can be used in this increasingly complex media and cul tural order. In this endeavor, it would be of great importance to get to know better how field theory and correspondance analysis is presently in use at CSE.

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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

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